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Hi back to you, Len,

Good to hear you are still around. Buddy died at 27, haven't heard anything about Janet. I was back to Waterloo last Oct. for our 65th. Lots of changes in the town, and too short a visit. Your life in AF and assignments you have had must have left you with some interesting memories. I do remember our drums, and still remember one number we did at a State contest, I think was the Parade of the Wooden Soldiers, or something like that. Now all the high school bands have trap sets, and I seldom see as many in the percussion section. That is why I still enjoy symphony art times.


Subj: Class of 1950
Thought you might like to remember when in high school we went to the Iowa State music contest in Mason City? The newspaper story list the drum ensemble as Charles Ball, Janet Berger, Leonard granger, and Beverly Rowland. The article lists many names of others in the band under Richard Baker. When i went into the Air Force was accepted by the Air Force Band in Washington DC but took an assignment to the Embassy in Athens Greece for 4 years. Stayed AF 22 years. Hope you are fine. Len Granger 1950