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Welcome to the message board and thank you for your contributions. Len Granger



 Do you recall Lawrence McKune the speech and drama teacher.  I was in his class in 1948 and in my Wahawk Book, he wrote a very long comment of encouragement.  He signed it " Thank much my friend, Mr McKune.  I was not a great speaker but his kind words were appreciated.   Speech and writing are closely related so I ended up a writer.  The column is now going to 230 countries.  Len Granger 1950


The idea of contacting classmates  has been talked about but now we have the website to post pictures and comments. Len


     That sounds like a great idea.  This past 6 months I learned how to use EBay and sell my old fishing tackle collection,  an item at a time.  Then shipping the item.   all over the nation. 
   It is nice to stay in contact with classmates.  The four guys I hung around with are still in contact with me and we are all 83 years young.  Len Granger 1950
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After our great visit today, I think that would be a great idea.  How about
the rest of you?

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Maybe every six months members could share one thing that happened in their
lives over the previous six month period or something that happened in
school they remember. It would not be that difficult or time consuming. Then
we learn about each other. Wouldn't that be great.phyllis k 50

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> On Feb 29, 2016, at 5:52 PM, Ken Martin wrote:
> I will only add that it was great seeing Phyllis after (65 years?) and we
> never even got close to catching up on our lives.  This is the kind of
> this group should be for.  Send things about the other Wahawks.  It is
> amazing how much has gone on in the last more than half century.  I will
> - she looks a lot better than me but I am not asking for your opinion.
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> We look quite nice for two older persons I think. Lunch was very nice. Id
> say you have chosen a good place to live. And the people were so nice.
> send you the best pictures. You can send them out if you want, Ken. I
> have my computer here. Otherwise I will do it when I get back.

I don't think your source is correct.  You said that I was in more than one.  From about early in my Sophomore year there was only one. 

In eighth grade I was out for football.  I was the tallest kid in the class and my waist was about as big as my wrist is today.  I rattled when I walked.  Bredow who was the Jr High football coach suggested I go out for track and put the shot put to build up my shoulders.  I did.  We worked out over under the east bleachers for about a week and Andy the track coach called the whole team together.  He announced that everybody would be required to do 50 yard wind sprints for work outs.  The first time it was my turn I got into the blocks and Lee Smith was in the other blocks.  He was Andy's future star sprinter to be.  Andy started us and I beat Lee to the finish line.  I never put the shot again.

I continued to go out for football.  About half way through the Sophomore season I realized that I wasn't even being included with those dressing for the game on Friday nights.  I thought I was going to have a decent track season so I met with Breitbach and said I thought I quit and start getting shape for track.  He said he didn't think I was going to set the world on fire in football.  When I told Ron Corwin the next morning what Breitbach said he said "You should have told him you just wanted to start a little flame in his heart."

From then on it track workouts year round.  The high point I guess was the beginning of the Senior year when I won the state AAU indoor half mile.  The most fun part was anchoring the last leg of the mile medley event.  If you remember in that event the first runner did a quarter and the next two did an eighth and I finished with a half.  I remember we took second place at the Drake Relays.

I remember there was only contemporary that I never able to beat.  He ran for the Iowa City high school.  He went to college at University of Iowa.  As I recall he won the NCAA half mile when he was a senior.  But then Marian has observed that my memory isn't perfect anymore.  Maybe you can check my ramblings in some of the clippings it sounds like you are accumulating.  - Sparky -